As a feminist and a woman, what gets on my nerves is

No matter what I post; a comment, picture of me in a bin bag, holding a game I’m excited about, talking about taking a shit, whatever.

Whether it’s relevant or not, there is a positive or negative comment on my appearance or body. A guy can post the EXACT SAME THING and nothing about how he looks is made, positive or negative.

Sometimes thats all a few people comment on my stuff with, as nice as your intentions are, I really don’t give a shit if I look ‘really pretty there’, my post is about how I’ve got an awesome new cosplay weapon. Do you really think it’s a compliment when a girl is trying to have a discussion and all you can do is say how great and sexy they are? Do you really think we are going to flattered that our mind is always ignored, that all we care about is looking good?

Yes it may be nice for most girls to hear these comments (I prefer people to shut the fuck up, I’ve also said it enough times for people not to comment on my looks and those who ignore me and carry on, will never get the friendship they are trying to do cos they obviously don’t listen to me), but if you are not my boyfriend, telling me I’m pretty every 5 mins just makes me feel uncomfortable and put up a barrier between us and genuine friendship.

Stop fucking valuing us on our looks, stop objectifying us. As nice as it may be for some to hear they are beautiful but making it clear we are in your wank bank, give us some real compliments like on our personality and intelligence, or even better open up an equal discussion.

And for those you treat me as I am better than them or too good, fuck off it, I’ll burp and fart just like you to show that I’m not your perfect little ornament 

I know some girls will feel differently and love it all but if I have made it as clear as I already have don’t, don’t fucking anger me.

“That’s the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end.” 
― Elizabeth Wurtzel

Photography project about depression, see full exhibition HERE

Photographer: Darren Rowley

Model: Kerraldine